Fountain Pen Design

Function, Development, Construction and Fabrication

052-7 In practical Terms

According to my opinion, all that needed to be said/written about feeds has been completed.  In this final chapter, I would like to look at several samples of feeds, which have been produced by various manufacturers and used during the ages.

Since I am not a collector or a fountain pen historian, I have no samples of feeds, and I depend on your support to supply me with photos or drawings and be available for discussion.  Of course, you will be credited for your contribution.  If you feel like writing a short introduction to the fountain pen, it would be fantastic.

At the moment my thought is to put the reports in chronological order of the design of the feed or fountain pen as the date was given to me by the collector.

1934 — Marukin Eyedropper

This is the first

… to be continued, I hope.

Once you have seen what I want to do, perhaps you will dig out some feeds and nibs and sections and send their photos to me.  That would be great.  So far it has been very quiet, I wonder why?


Amadeus W.

28 February 2015

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