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On the Importance of Design

The meaning of the word Design in the way I write about in this article is the process of shaping products.  When thought of initially almost 100 years ago, it had the purpose of adding qualities to already well crafted and produced products. It was the time when responsible craftsmen and artisans were in charge of those matters. A code of ethics, tradition, pride and deep respect for the user and our planet caused many products to become heirlooms, and they can be admired today in museums of modern art. This came at a price.

Affordability was the initial target, and early mass production achieved this goal, without any loss of quality.  Not much later, more attributes found their place on this list. These were: Fitting easily, unobtrusively in diverse environments, comfortable and safe usage, efficient use of resources and material, increased utility and longevity. Information on those topics was drawn from research on the scenario of use and the users themselves.


Today, industrial design is a process of giving something an outer shape. During this process function and form are researched
and tailored to complement and harmonise with each other and their environment of use.

Design has developed many facets. Still, in training future design professionals, the old topics are still firmly upheld. Specialised fields are industrial or product design, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, town planning and landscaping. This list goes on in length and detail.

Special mention deserves ingeneering design, a section of ingeneering. It provides the structure and functional components for a product Their arrangement is determined in collaboration industrial design

The process of design includes financial feasibility, price-cost-profit analyses aimed at reducing the risk for the entrepreneur. A well-researched product cannot fail. I can state this, based on my own experience.


Unfortunately, design has succumbed to the global dictate of greed. Today, many products are designed for a limited, short term of life, by incorporating artificial obsolescence. Many designers are committed to quality but the few, who are not, are the reason for the desolate situation our world is in today.

Today, many products are purposely designed to become artificially obsolete within a few months, massively wasting primary and non-renewable resources.  They are the leading cause of the exponentially increasing rubbish piles on our planet, sickening and ultimately threatening the existence of all life.

Through conscious buying decision making and knowing when it is enough, when we have enough, we still can turn around this process.  Otherwise, it will be done to us.


Amadeus W.

23 November 2015

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