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Ink Bottles

At the moment I have not written much on ink bottles.  Some of them are quite special.  For now, I paste some photographs of those bottles, which asked to be mentioned.

arty ink bottle

Montblanc ink well

Montblanc LiegeflascheMontblanc Liegeflasche side on

Pelikan inlk bottel.jpgwaterman bottle on side

I must admit, three years later, I almost have forgotten about this page.  There are interesting features of these bottles to write about; however, writing about fountain pens has kept me busy.  One day…


Since you have arrived here, allow me to suggest to return to the intro page and choose one of the topics. Surely, you will find something you are interested in finding out more about.


Amadeus W.

26 August 2014

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One thought on “Ink Bottles

  1. At age 76 after 13 years of retirement — I have decided to take up calligraphy to prove both self-discipline and focus with a learned skill.

    Then, I came across your site — and owe you a strong debt of gratitude. I have had some ideas of melding dip pens and fountain pens but could not, until now, find reasonable clear answers to my questions about materials, moulding, nibs and feed fits.

    SO, consider this my affordable note of thanks to you for sharing your knowledge in the spirit of the way the net was originally founded as an open community to spread knowledge to those who may use it for improvement of the world around them.

    A Curmudgeon
    in Tucson, AZ, USA


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