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Crónicas Estilográficas

News on Fountain Pens … in English

The most detailed reports on fountain pens, performance, brands, and models I have seen.  It looks like a full-time job to me.  Initially, the Spanish title and the Japanese/Chinese writing symbols confused me a bit.  Persevere, it is impressive.


Fountain Pens, Inks, and Paper tested by the author and beautifully displayed

Have some time and a cuppa ready.  I’ve enjoyed browsing on this site and lost time.

Fountain Pen Forums

fountain pen geeks

They say’ they are cool!  I have started with them in April 2016… somehow they appear to be a sleepy bunch

Fountain Pen Network

Talk about anything about fountain pens and ink and paper and whatever you like

It was in March 2016 when I started my first forum topic, and I love to be engaged there.  They are very active, and the number of visitors and comments on my Fountain Pen Design and Magic blog has increased significantly.

Market Place

Franklin-Christoph Fine Writing

the online home of the American fine writing

I guess, if you don’t find it there, where else?  Let me know of any other supplier you think should be mentioned here.

Schmidt Technology

Manufacturer of Writing Instruments and Components.

They make anything, I have been there several times when I still lived in Germany and worked in the writing instrument field.

Above all: Enjoy!


Amadeus W.

10 October 2016

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