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Since starting this site, I have written as it returned into my mind.  Sometimes coherent, sometimes a bit hickle dee pickle dee.  For about half a year, forums and I made our acquaintance.  With it arrived my wider understanding about what fountian pen people talk and what they want to know.

Some of the topics are one offs, but other questions have occured several times.  I also watch the titles of the forums and select technically oriented topics and what suits this site.

My plan is to collect the latter and answer them under this heading.  My hope is that you will ask me. Here is the growing list:

Swappable Nibs — how to tell whether a fountain pen is designed to have its nib swapped frequently.  Click on title for more.

Every list starts with one single item… Confucius, or was it Lao Tsu?

Another topic I will tackle soon is, gold versus SS

Changing ink to one different to the brand of the fountain pen

… and if you have a pet question, let me know.


Amadeus W.

30 November 2016

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