Fountain Pen Design

Function, Construction, Development and Fabrication

Design Matters

Importance of Design

Design as a process of shaping products.  When originally thought of almost 100 years ago, it had the purpose of adding qualities to already well crafted and produced products. It was the time, when responsible craftsmen and artisans were in charge of those matters. A code of ethics, tradition, and pride caused many products to become heirlooms and today, can be admired in museums of modern art. This came at a price.

Affordability, was the initial target, early mass production achieved this goal, without any loss on quality.  Not much later, more qualities found their place in this list. These were: Fitting easily, unobtrusively in diverse environments, easy and safe usage, efficient use of resources and material, increased utility and longevity. Information on those topics was drawn from research on the environment of use and the users themselves.


I have written about this topic because of a deep concern.  The body of papers are in my website Ingenious Ingeneers under the heading Design Creativity.  Click on the title to read more…




Amadeus W. Penmacher

Brisbane, 23 November 2015


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