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Hi everyone

During the last few weeks I have been involved in several forum topics pertaining the function of nibs.  I found some mix up on words, used to describe the function of nibs and the characteristics of materials.

I commented on this, but then I thought it would be much better to write about it more explicitly and show with diagrams what actually is going on.  I hope, you find the article helpful.  You can get there by clicking here

Material Technology

Designing in general, is a favourite topic of mine, in particular, design quality.  I have started publishing and finished another topic on Design Utility, the usefulness of design and the design of a product.  Come and have a read, you may find it fascinating, too.

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2 thoughts on “Material Technology and…

  1. Taken from the Nibs & Tines thread on the Fountain Pen Network:

    If you haven’t yet taken the time to follow the suggested link, then I encourage you to do so. I have attempted in several threads about nib flex to contribute knowledge about elastic modulus and nib geometry (from my study as a metallurgist in the 1960s and 1970s) but Pen Engineer has provided what you need to understand from the perspective of a materials engineer AND a pen designer. His blog will light some lamps for you, even if it doesn’t change your subjective feel about fountain pen nibs.


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