Fountain Pen Design

Function, Development, Construction and Fabrication

Welcome to Fountain Pen Design-

… a collection of stories about my adventures when developing a fountain pen

It all started 1978 when a fountain pen model arrived at/on my desk.  Actually, they were two models of the same, one with and one without a cap, all made from a solid piece of painted perspex and wires.  It took almost three years to make it wright, right, write!

What is so special about Fountain Pens?  As you read along, you will discover, it’s a miracle that it all works.  For an ingeneer (there is a reason behind this spelling) to accept magic was a big hurdle to jump. I did jump, and the reward was magical.

And no stress!  You won’t find long tables of test results and only some scientific information.  The proof is in the pudding.  The pen works and is still sold in large quantities.


On this site, each topic starts with general information, followed by the scientific background, then technical and quality details and finally the production of the component.

Here is the Table of Content ⇒⇒
Click on a title to get there.

Your participation helps improve this site and grow.  The easiest way is to write to me through my contact page.  For sure, my enthusiasm increases proportionally with your level of interest.  It is my wish that you get much pleasure from reading and discovering.


Amadeus W.

29 July 2014

Mark Twain said this: “None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain-pen or half its cussedness, but we can try.”

How this site came to exist? Click on How it began.  It tells you about where I am coming from and my intentions.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Fountain Pen Design-

  1. Hello again dear Amadeus W, I am Christian, or calamardino5, my mates are especting help you for enter Foro de Estilograficas… Even help about traduccion spanish- english
    I put some comments about your scientific background( very good)
    I hope you can read opinions in same place Foro you enter before,
    The best for you!


    • Hello dear Wolfang: I am chilean, live in Southamerica… Unfortunatly I dont speak german, I read you have 71 yrs We are a good douple!
      Spanish people is really warm, beside our blog Foro….. Very warm people…..
      Australia is a very modern country, I supousse health services are better there than Spain, health is a current problem at our age
      I would like to tell you something about my life, can I write you not so public place? Promes you not bother, I am a good prudent guy
      A huge for you
      Pd : Did you thought about sandblasting plastic feeders? ! That is other way low superficial tension


    • Hello : On Foro de Estilograficas are messages of wellcome for you
      I lost your last mail( your age and country), can you re-send it to me please?
      Best regards


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insights, and observations. As a biologist and chemist who has become more and more of an an amateur ingeneer each and everyday as I seek to understand how organisms functions, I am deeply impreesed by the clarity and detail of your explanation of fountain pen design, function, and associated topics. You recall me to my love of topics in physics and phyical chemistry.

    Reading your blogs is a life-changing, pleasant experience that causes me to reflect and yes, often smile.

    We have a few things in common as well: both my beloved and much-missed, beloved grandmothers were German, and I was also lucky enough to live for a year in Australia (in that Oz of the West, Perth).

    Please keep writing -I promise, I will keep reading.

    Charlotte, North Carolina USA


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